Level Funded Health Plans

A level funded health plan (also known as a partially self-funded plan) is a type of health insurance plan that combines the cost savings and customization of self-funding with the financial safety and predictability of fully funded plans.  

Level Funded plans are ideal for the following groups:

  • Interested in seeing actual data that pertains to their particular group.
  • Interested lower premiums today & be eligible to get some of your premiums back.
  • Feel that you pay too much for your group health insurance benefits.
  • Hear that your employees don’t use the coverage.
  • Would you like to save time & automate your HR / benefit administration.

Level Funded Plan Highlights:

Medically Underwritten:

Plans are medically underwritten with employee medical questionnaires that are collected securely online when starting your plan.

Level Premiums:

The premiums are based upon the risk in the group and are set and level for the initial 12 months. We find that 8 out 10 groups that look at level funded start a plan.

Expected Claims Pool:

Approximately a third of your premiums go into an expected claims pool.  If your group had low claims and money is left over in your claims pool then with most level funded carriers you are then eligible to get part of your unused claims pool.        

Plan Basics:

  • Level-Funded Group Plans
  • "A" Rate Reinsurance Carriers
  • National / State Provider Networks
  • Employee Eligibility is 30 hours 
  • Min Size - 5 Employees in Most States
  • Subject to Medical Underwriting 
  • State Minimum Requirements

Insurance products offered are based upon:

  • State Location, Number of Employees, Provider Network & Underwriting Results

Available Insurance Carriers:

  • Multiple State, Regional & National Plans available

Core HR Services:

Our office provides clients with a complementary core HR services employee management benefits portal built for your company.  

Included Base HR Services 

  • Onboarding - Automatically generate W-4s, I9s, W-9s, withholdings & direct deposit
  • Benefit Admin - Boost employee engagement by bringing enrollment online 
  • 1095-C Reporting - Painlessly download completed IRS 1095-C forms.

You are also able to do the following   

  • Add customized forms - Employee agreements, handbooks, emergency contacts 
  • All employee information/forms stored year round and available 24/7
  • Generate reports such as payroll deductions and more!  

Full HR Package 

Additional features are available to purchase include such as

  • Applicant Tracking System
  • PTO Tracking
  • Time & Attendance
  • Compliance

Plan Basics

Level Monthly Premiums

 Groups will have a fixed or level monthly monthly associated with funding of its member health coverage.   

"A" Rate Reinsurance Carriers

 Groups medical plans underwritten by "A" rated reinsurance carriers. 

Preferred Premium Pricing

Groups have access to preferred member pricing for the group health insurance plan.   

National / State Networks

Groups can select from a national or regional state specific network if available to use for their plan.  

Employee Eligibility

Minimum employee eligibility is 30 hours per week. 

Group Minimum Size

In most states a minimum of 2 non-related employees required to be eligible for benefits.